How Does Foodservice Wholesalers Ensure Every Meal Is Possible?

Foodservice Wholesalers
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  • Wholesalers buy bulk food products to resell, acting as intermediaries between manufacturers and consumers.

  • Proper storage, temperature control, and monitoring during transportation are essential to protect public health from warehouse to plate.

  • Food wholesalers are vital in sourcing, transporting, and distributing food to restaurants and stores.

Whether you know it or not, you have enjoyed many meals throughout your life thanks to food service wholesalers. A classic school lunch, your favorite dinner at your local restaurant, and a quick bite in a hospital cafeteria, while you wait to welcome your new baby are all possible because of the efforts and dedication of food service wholesalers. 

Providing food to large industries and companies is a precise business that most wholesale food companies take seriously. Getting fresh and safe ingredients from point A to point B takes much more work than loading everything onto a truck. 

Let’s examine the specifics of what it takes to ensure that every meal is possible no matter where you are or where life takes you. 

Understanding the Role of Foodservice Wholesalers and Distributors

There is a defined distinction between food service wholesalers and distributors, but they both have a vital role in getting food onto your plate. Foodservice wholesalers purchase food products in large quantities and then sell them to restaurants, retail centers, and other food service industry businesses.
Wholesalers also often handle more than just food orders. They manage inventory, source products for companies, and help promote the businesses they work with.

Distributors operate similarly but are a bit farther down the supply chain. They focus on mainly closing the gap between manufacturers and end consumers or people eating the food. Foodservice distributors also help market specific products and have the added benefit of providing specific marketing and strategic placement of products to help sell more food.

The Critical Role of Foodservice Distributors and Wholesalers in the Supply Chain

Foodservice wholesalers are essential to the supply chain! With them, your plates will be full during your anniversary dinner night out, and the cake mix shelf will be bare when you go shopping for your child’s birthday cake supplies. 

Wholesalers source food for shelves or restaurant kitchens and ensure proper transportation for optimal safety. Working with a wholesaler is also a great way to reduce food waste. Food wholesalers understand supply and demand and can make suggestions for your orders to minimize waste.

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The Importance of Ensuring Food Quality From Warehouse to Plate

Wholesalers and distributors don’t just load food into a truck and send it on its way. Each meticulous decision ensures its safety throughout its journey. 

Food safety is crucial for many different reasons because it:

  •  Protects public health
  • Complies with local regulations 
  • Protects the environment
  • Reduces the risk of spreading a foodborne illness

Each step of the preparation and packing process is essential for maintaining the food’s safety and integrity on its way to its final destination. 

Wholesale Food Safety In Warehouses​

Once the food arrives from the producer, proper storage will keep it fresh until it ships off. Temperature-controlled storage rooms keep fresh produce, meat, and dairy products at appropriate temperatures, and sealed rooms keep shelf-stable foods free of pests and the elements. 

While the food waits to ship out, these items are constantly monitored for freshness and any signs of potential spoilage. 

Food Safety on the Road

After the food is ordered and has a destination, it moves into temperature-controlled trucks for the journey. These trucks are like mobile refrigerators and freezers, working hard to keep the food excellent and safe on the road. 

Nowadays, most trucks also have live monitoring systems, which allow the drivers to monitor the conditions in each compartment and take action if necessary. 

Food Safety Once Delivered

Once food products are off the truck, the customer is responsible for keeping them safe, but professional food service wholesalers and distributors will oversee the storage practices to ensure a safe transition.
Professional distributors handle food safely and oversee the transmission of the purchased products from the trucks to the business

Leveraging Technology and Sustainability in Food Distribution

One of the most important aspects of wholesale food distribution is reducing food waste. Large corporations like grocers and restaurants must order large quantities of food, which can also lead to serious waste issues.

By investing in high-quality and state-of-the-art monitoring systems, wholesalers can closely monitor the products in their warehouses. This close attention to detail allows live monitoring and quick action if something goes wrong to prevent spoilage on a large scale. 

In addition, professional wholesalers use data analytics and data-driven research to make purchasing decisions. Using this information, wholesalers can suggest how much of a particular product to order, when to order it, and when to cut back. This whole process centers on reducing food waste while keeping the consumer in mind every step.  

Make a Difference: Partner With Local Foodservice Wholesalers

Working with reputable food and beverage distributors makes all the difference for your company or organization. However, working with a local team like B & B Food Services sets you up for long-term success. When you choose a local wholesaler, you can expect: 

  • Reactivity: Local means close by, which means your order begins as soon as you call.
  • Reduced supply chain costs: Less distance means less outsourcing and more money in your pocket.
  • Positive community impact: If you are a local business supporting a local business, everyone wins! 
  • A lesser environmental impact: There will be fewer trucks, mileage, fuel, and emissions if you work with a local company. 

Partnering with the right wholesaler will make all the difference in providing your customers with quality food products they can trust and enjoy. 

Take control of the food you provide for your customers by utilizing the services of professional food service wholesalers. Contact B & B Food Services today at (815) 834-2621 to discuss our food storage and distribution options.  Learn more today.


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