Optimize Your Business with Cross Docking

Cross-Docking Services For Faster Deliveries In Chicago

Cross docking is a valuable solution for businesses that are looking to increase efficiency and reduce costs. At B&B Food Services, we offer cross docking services as part of our comprehensive suite of 3PL solutions. With cross docking, your company can save time, money, and resources by eliminating unnecessary handling and storage of inventory.

Cross-Docking Services For Faster Deliveries In Chicago
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Benefits of Choosing Our Cross Docking Services

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Efficient Inventory Management

Our cross docking service allows streamlined inventory management by reducing the need for warehousing and storage space. This helps businesses optimize their supply chain and minimize inventory holding costs.

Faster Order Fulfillment

With our cross docking, products can be quickly sorted and loaded onto outbound trucks, enabling faster order fulfillment. This ensures timely delivery to customers and improves overall customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Product Freshness

Dealing with perishable goods, cross docking offers the advantage of preserving product freshness. By quickly transferring products from inbound to outbound trucks, the risk of spoilage or quality deterioration is minimized.

Cost Savings

By consolidating shipments and optimizing route planning, we help minimize transportation costs. This can include reduced fuel consumption, fewer miles traveled, and improved vehicle utilization.


Cross-docking is a logistics strategy where products from a supplier or manufacturing plant are held at a facility for less than 48 hours. Allowing for maximum efficiency. It helps reduce storage costs and improves delivery times.

Cross-docking directly transfers goods from incoming to outgoing transportation, like trucks or rail cars, with minimal storage or handling. The cross dock team will unload, sort, and load goods directly onto outbound vehicles for immediate customer shipment.

Cross-docking best manages time-sensitive or perishable goods and ready-for-sale products in a stable supply chain. It’s also beneficial for consolidating various suppliers’ shipments, ultimately minimizing storage costs and expediting delivery times. Talk to our expert team to see if you could benefit from cross-docking.

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With B & B Food Services expert team overseeing your cross docking needs, you can trust that your goods will be efficiently transported and promptly delivered to their final destination. Contact us today to learn more about our cross docking capabilities and how we can help streamline your supply chain.