Get Your Business Moving with Our 3PL Fulfillment Solutions

Fulfillment Services For Efficient Order Processing, Chicago

Our expert fulfillment services take care of everything, from handling goods, sourcing custom packaging, artwork, and/or labeling to order shipping and delivery. Our technology can fully support e-commerce order fulfillment or shopping cart integrations. Whether you need help sourcing your packaging, manufacturing goods, kitting, or samples prepared, our team of professionals will be with you every step of the way, ensuring your orders are processed quickly and efficiently. Let us handle your order fulfillment needs, so you can focus on growing your business.

Fulfillment Services For Efficient Order Processing, Chicago
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Benefits of Choosing Our 3PL Fulfillment Services

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Product Labeling

We do proper labeling to ensure that products are correctly identified, reducing the risk of errors in shipping and delivery.

Smaller MOQs

We can manage smaller than typical minimum order quantities. We want to grow with you.

Weight Measurement

We can weigh items, cases, or pallets to ensure accuracy and proper billing.

Product Sample

We prepare samples in advance that allows businesses to quickly provide product samples to potential customers, expediting the sales process.

Faster order fulfillment

We provide efficient order picking, packing, and shipping processes to contribute to smoother operations, allowing businesses to handle a higher order volume efficiently.


We value efficiency and can offer small lead times as a result. Smaller wait time allows you to beat competition and grow sales.


Let us bundle your items for any type of mailing kits. We have temperature controlled rooms to make sure there is a perfect environment to maintain the integrity of your product. We can assemble kits and get them ready for shipment with a short turnaround time.

Reliable transportation

Whether we use trusted Shipping Carriers, our own professional delivery or freight forwarding services. We always check and double check to make sure that the goods are transported safely and securely, minimizing the risk of loss or damage.

User Friendly 3PL Services In Chicago, IL | B & B Food Services
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Our User Friendly 3PL Technology Allows For

  • Share real-time inventory visibility through an online customer portal
  • Receive notifications in real-time & view in-depth inventory reporting
  • Ensure 100% order, picking, and receiving accuracy with smart scan
  • Integrate with third-party ecommerce platforms, shipping carriers, and ERP systems


A fulfillment service is a third-party company that handles tasks related to business order processing. It includes storing inventory, picking and packing products, and shipping customer orders. It streamlines operations and allows companies to focus on other core aspects. Reach out today for more info.

Our fulfillment services include a range of tasks to streamline your business operations. We handle inventory storage, order processing, picking and packing of products, and shipping them to your customers. We also provide real-time inventory tracking and management, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in order fulfillment.

Outsourcing fulfillment enables businesses to focus on core operations while saving costs for maintaining an in-house fulfillment center. It offers scalability, handles volume fluctuations, provides expert inventory and shipping management, and ensures quick deliveries through strategically located warehouses.

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