Co-Packing Service

Top-Quality Co-Packing Services In Chicago

At B & B Food Services, we take pride in our USDA-inspected and FDA-approved facility. It enables us to provide top-quality fulfillment services for distribution. Whether you’re in the market for meat cutting, packing, refurbishing or rework, we’ve got you covered. Our team of experts specializes in food packaging and food handling. Our facility has temperature-controlled rooms and storage to ensure your product never sacrifices quality. This ensures your products are always delivered fresh and ready for the market. Whether you are thinking of manufacturing a new product or getting quoted on an existing SKU, reach out to us for a free estimate.

Top-Quality Co-Packing Services In Chicago
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Repack, Rework, Or Refurbish Services In Chicago, IL | B & B Food Services
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Repack, Rework, or Refurbish Your Goods

Repack, Rework, Or Refurbish Services In Chicago, IL | B & B Food Services

There are times when your items may need a tweak to go into the market after being manufactured. We are here to help. Our services include reboxing, rebagging, weighing, and labeling.  We can be flexible and accommodate large and small orders with the most aggressive deadlines. We are knowledgeable about food handling and dedicated to your business, products, and goals. Count on us to be your trusted partner to optimize your supply chain.

Our Kitting Services

Kitting Services In Chicago, IL | B & B Food Services

Kitting is the process of packing individual SKUs into a single SKU. Add value to your range by offering your customers more SKU options or variety packs. We have temperature-controlled rooms to make sure there is a perfect environment to maintain the integrity of your product. Let us handle the assembly and prepare your new SKUs for the market. 

Kitting Services In Chicago, IL | B & B Food Services
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Benefits of Choosing Our Co-Packing Services

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We offer customization options to meet specific product requirements, ensuring that products are properly packaged and labeled according to industry standards or customer preferences.

Private Labeling

We offer customized labeling to give your products a unique identity that complements your brand—helping you to build a loyal following of customers.

USDA Inspected

You can sell your brand or product with a USDA bug or a USDA mark of inspection and establishment (EST number).

Product Freshness

We have cryovac and sealing machines that ensure that your products are sealed for optimal freshness and longevity.

Reliable Storage

Our USDA-inspected and approved facilities ensure that every product will be handled and stored in a safe and controlled environment.

Extended Shelf Life

Repackaging and refurbishing services can help extend the shelf life of products by replacing damaged packaging or revitalizing outdated products, reducing waste and maximizing product value.

Reduced Labor Costs

Outsourcing kit work and assembly tasks to us can help businesses reduce labor costs.

Increase in Sales

Kits allow you to offer new SKUs with available inventory to the market without having to wait for new productions.

Customer Service

Our knowledgeable team of professionals is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. You can be confident that you and your products will receive the utmost care and attention.


A full-service co-packing company offers expertise and infrastructure for cost-effective expansion, ensuring product consistency and access to broader distribution channels without hefty upfront investment in production facilities.

We engage in high-standard food packaging by adhering to USDA standards, using suitable materials that preserve freshness, ensuring compliance with food safety regulations, and following industry best practices for shelf stability and consumer safety.

When selecting a co-packer, consider factors like their capacity to meet your production deadlines, the certifications they hold (e.g., FDA, USDA), their geographic location relative to your supply chain, and their commitment to quality, safety standards and communication. Remember they will essentially be a partner.

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