Why Local Wholesale Food Suppliers Are the Best Option for Restaurants

Why Local Wholesale Food Suppliers Are The Best Option For Restaurants
Why Local Wholesale Food Suppliers Are The Best Option For Restaurants
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  • Local suppliers promise freshness and a transparent supply chain

  • Beyond talented chefs, fresher ingredients make a huge difference in producing better meals

  • Choosing nearby suppliers means fewer carbon emissions in transporting food supplies

  • Food industry experts share that cost-savings are one of the biggest benefits of going with a local food supplier

Why choose local wholesale food suppliers for your restaurant? Successful local restaurant owners have to manage their food costs down to the last cent, and the best way to do that without compromising quality is through wholesale suppliers. They help you walk this fine line with high-quality products, money-saving, and sustainability, but there are also many other notable benefits of going with local suppliers.

This in-depth guide by B&B Food Services Inc. covers the benefits that await your restaurant if you select a trustworthy food supplier in your service area.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Food Supplier for Your Restaurant

Patrons count on your restaurant to serve delicious menu items using fresh ingredients, from succulent meat to fresh-out-of-the-ground produce. If you want to make that easier, your main focus should be choosing the perfect food supplier.

Who provides the best fresh, seasonal ingredients ready for you to cook? Finding the right supplier means delivering a tastier meal.

Why choose local wholesale food suppliers to serve your restaurant’s needs? Besides freshness, everyone will always know exactly where their food comes from for peace of mind about what they’re getting from your kitchen. 

Benefits of Local Food Distribution From Wholesale Food Suppliers

A trusted source for all your ingredients promises enormous benefits to you and everyone eating your food. Here are all the reasons to partner with a local supplier for your food items:

Much Fresher Ingredients

Local produce wholesalers shorten the supply chain process. The ingredients arrive, fresher, since they don’t have to ship them far, from mouth-watering fruits to vegetables that go perfectly with any course. 

Local sources guarantee freshness. Is there anything better than perfectly crisp lettuce in salads or just-picked parsley to garnish those elegant entrees? 

Higher Quality and Reliability

Why choose local wholesale food suppliers? If you’ve ever had talented staff, prepare meals just as before, only to have your patrons comment on a marked difference, you’re probably aware that food quality is hugely important to the finished product. 

Is your food supplier delivering underwhelming products due to transportation issues and delays? By partnering with a local food distribution company, unreliable deliveries and low-quality products disappear. Your tasty dishes will leave your customers raving every time. 

Supporting the Local Economy

Supporting your fellow local businesses is more important than ever. Teaming up with a local food supplier gives back to the domestic economy, including aiding food growers within your community. 

Using locally sourced ingredients also sends a message to your customers—you care about the community you’re all part of.

Personalized Service

Why choose local wholesale food suppliers for your restaurant? With a major food distributor, your business is just a number. It’s a lasting relationship with local growers and suppliers and far more personalized service. 

Suppliers act as a liaison between you and local growers and want to meet your changing needs. That means your restaurant will flourish, thanks to the dedicated service. 

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Let’s consider two food distribution scenarios. 

· The first involves shipping produce items to your restaurant from several states away. The items take 12 hours or longer route to your location. 

· The second centers around local food distribution. You’ll receive locally sourced ingredients from farmers within county lines. The fresh produce arrives faster and spends less than an hour in transit.

It isn’t a stretch to see which scenario would be better for the environment. A local wholesale food supplier limits delivery trucks’ time on the road, significantly reducing pollution and carbon emissions. It’s a more sustainable food distribution method. When your community understands this, they’ll be more likely to support your sustainable business as their contribution to Mother Nature’s well-being.

Cost Efficiency and Logistics

Why choose local wholesale food suppliers for a restaurant? Running a successful restaurant requires appropriate budgeting for food costs, and the last thing you want is to spend money on food waste. Local suppliers collaborate with you to determine how much inventory you need, schedule shipments in smaller quantities, and help you minimize waste.

Large suppliers ship ingredients to warehouses, deliver bulk items to restaurants while other ingredients remain in the warehouse, and eliminate unused or expired items from their warehouse location. Trusting a local supplier eliminates these logistics for a much smoother process. Plus, the average prices for each item are highly competitive. 

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Greater Flexibility and Responsiveness

If you request a sudden change to your food order, isn’t it easier to trace and receive these products via a local supplier? 

Your restaurant will receive the order promptly, thanks to quick turnaround times. This allows you to serve all menu items instead of making some dishes unavailable because ingredients aren’t in stock. 

Empowering Local Produce Wholesalers

Say local growers produce ripe, juicy raspberries during the summer and don’t want a single berry to go to waste. Why don’t you empower these dedicated farmers in your community to harvest produce by highlighting special seasonal dishes at your establishment? 

Building a seasonal menu around locally sourced ingredients prompts growers to deliver exceptional produce. It also generates interest from patrons who want delicious meals and a chance to support local produce growers.

Partner With a Local Wholesale Food Supplier for Your Restaurant’s Success!

Why choose local wholesale food suppliers to work with your restaurant? That’s easy to answer with all the benefits a local food supplier offers. Find out more from B&B Food Services Inc.’s food distributors that supply fresh, delicious ingredients to restaurants of all sizes and across all cuisine types.

Go local, and call B&B Food Services Inc. at (815) 834-2621 today!

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